siggy has finally been discontinued!

The code for siggy has been open sourced here GitHub repo.
I originally announced the shutdown on reddit here July shutdown reddit thread
However, it is not designed to be easily installed or maintained and is basically siggy's current state of over a decade of hackery from when I was a newb.
I'm not particularly proud of it at this point given where I am professionally with programming but good enough to open source at commit #2100.

It's been 12 years since siggy was launched. It was started in 2010 and I didn't even use git until 2012!
I and many others no doubt have fond memories of wormhole space and EVE online over the years.
But as the years went on, I experimented with other parts of EVE all the way up to lowsec warlording in supers.
Alas, I moved on with life as we all should.
I spend my personal time elsewhere and work on larger open source projects as one outlet rather than play EVE or work on siggy anymore.

So as I sit here, procrastinating on studying for the Google interview coming up that I will no doubt fail on data structures and algorithims. I decided to close down siggy for good

Thanks for all the ISK o7

P.S. I played as Messoroz under AQUILA INC which later became the Verge of Collapse group so I've seen it all.
As a boring secret, Hard Knocks was an scam corp created by AQUILA INC members early on to skim ISK off sites.
Then HK stole our nano drake fleet concepts and became a group of pubbies.