siggy 2.24.3

Posted - 2015-07-08 3:07
  • Fixed session data not storing correct values, this fixes the management Active Sessions page
  • Fixed some redirect URLs resulting in page not found errors

siggy 2.24.2

Posted - 2015-07-07 2:07
  • Fixed case where siggy in the "fatal error" mode can spam server with requests contributing in delay in server recovering from failure.
  • Removed left click on system name on map opening show info, the right click option is still available and preferred to avoid accidently opening show info
  • Frontend server requests will now be rate limited with extreme prejudice. There may be issues if you have an extreme amount of siggy windows open but otherwise normal usage shouldn't hit it unless the requests are malicious.

siggy 2.24.1

Posted - 2015-07-06 2:07
  • Tweaked map look a bit. Removed minimum height from systems and changed region name location and size.
  • Cleaner method of map system generation.
  • Fixed chainmap mass deletion selection issues
  • Added zkillboard link to systems next to the dotlan and evekill
  • Fixed support link
  • Fix group password form

siggy 2.24 + server issues

Posted - 2015-07-02 5:07

Due to server issues, billing has been disabled for a week. In essence nobody will be charged against their balance for the next 7 days at least from the time of this message. I am sorry for any inconveniences people have been experiencing.

And in an effort to clear any pending patches so work can be done on stabilizing the servers.

  • Added "Add Waypoint" to various right click menus
  • Added coloring to security status boxes on Thera view
  • Added super secret awesome feature that is coming soon. Just some bugs to work out first
  • Fixed character blacklisting returning errors
  • Misc. changes to fix some database replication issues

siggy 2.23 update

Posted - 2015-06-10 1:06
  • Added a table breakdown of chainmap accessible by the table icon next to exit finder
  • Fixed map name not being set on the chain map tab
  • Added chainmap selection to exit finder
  • Fixed system names not populating in wormhole editor