siggy 2.8 - refresh

Posted - 2013-09-22 3:09

In the spirit of keeping things "fresh", it has received some UI changes in response to how greatly it has evolved over the last three years of operation.

  • Adjusted styling portions of the siggy UI
  • Eliminated old vertical bar system list in favor of chain. This was an ancient feature from the pre chain map days roughly 3 years ago
  • Simplified main view, moved all unneeded system information to a separate tab
  • Gave buttons a uniform appearance
  • Added labels above signature add input fields for user friendliness
  • Eliminated menu for chain map
  • Added icon next to DOTLAN icon
  • Behind the scenes clean up of unused CSS, HTML and other bits. Lots of cob webs after 3 years of operation
  • Fixed Data sites not being added from mass sig reader
  • Potential bug in manually adding wormholes
More great features to come with this update in UI ;)

siggy 2.7.4

Posted - 2013-09-04 3:09
  • Updated database with new/renamed ship data
  • Added option to display ship types next to active pilot names in systems on hover. Setting is located in "Chain Map Settings"

siggy 2.7.3

Posted - 2013-08-13 3:08
  • Fixed another memory leak generated in both the map and system info table after a user selects multiple systems
  • Added right click menu to hub jumps
  • Added show info to right click menu on map for completeness even though the system name can be clicked

siggy 2.7.2

Posted - 2013-08-13 2:08
*Protected against creating wormholes with a single system as the origin and destination.

siggy 2.7.1

Posted - 2013-08-12 5:08
  • Fixed "moderate" memory leak caused by new map rendering depending on usage
  • Fixed memory leak from signature lists