siggy 2.7

Posted - 2013-08-08 3:08
Major rework of the chain mapper is complete.
  • Rendering libraries replaced
  • All notable graphical glitches/bugs should be gone.
  • Chain connections tweaked to be curve less but are able to group up more on systems.
  • The display of characters in systems has been changed. A maximum of 6 characters will show. You may hover over the system for the full list of characters.
  • More features planned based on this milestone

siggy 2.6.6

Posted - 2013-07-29 5:07
  • API key requirements now extremely lax. Keys do not need any permissions now as long as the characters with access are included on the key
  • Added options to add additional users to manage siggy groups

siggy 2.6.5

Posted - 2013-06-06 5:06
  • Changed names of all site types to match the new Odyssey naming conventions
  • Updated mass sig reader to function with new Odyssey format
  • Added support for multiple API keys per siggy account
  • Several behind the scenes tweaks for the frontend

June 3rd Server Instabilities

Posted - 2013-06-04 2:06
Apologies for any inconvenience caused by server instabilities today. The server software was upgraded during EVE downtime to the latest available. Several issues were encountered due to the server rejecting CCP's malformed IGB request headers and configuration issues from a large load. Every effort has been made to fix the issues as they occur.

siggy 2.6.4

Posted - 2013-05-31 1:05
  • Costs of siggy usage have been reduced across the board by a minimum of 10%
  • Larger groups will see larger discounts due to a faster drop in cost per member with increasing member count.
  • Added "Set Destination" to right click menu to map systems
  • Added jumps(shortest route) to major EVE market hubs from every kspace system
  • Separated "Active" wormhole activity into "Hostile" and "Active".
  • Redid user backend, more improvements coming. Remember me with ingame browser API finally works. Unforunately, multiple clients at the same time will still have issues, the IGB has a pretty bad bug preventing easy fixes.
  • Upgraded js librarie(s)