siggy 2.6.3

Posted - 2013-01-15 5:01
  • Added missing management option to enable disable/enable wormhole jump tracker. If disabled, no data logging will take place.
  • Made scanning stats page visible to show off the top scanners!
  • Active session viewer added to allow seeing all active users ingame and out of game
  • Fixed wormhole jump log not clearing, all jump data is now immediately purged from the system

siggy 2.6.2 Update

Posted - 2012-11-10 1:11
Quick update to add "Friendly" as an activity level for systems on the chain map.

siggy 2.6.1 live!

Posted - 2012-11-04 6:11
siggy 2.6.1 has been rolled out. This version is mainly management additions and tweaks.
  • Added initial logs page
  • Added simple dashboard for announcements
  • Added "simple" member add form using the EVE API to make the process user friendly.
  • Added some corp/char icons to the group member list to make things pretty