siggy 2.22.1 Update

Posted - 2015-06-08 3:06
  • Added created at label information to all connections on map
  • Added notification for siggy announcements

SSO Login Fixed

Posted - 2015-05-21 3:05
CCP FoxFour has fixed the EVE API causing siggy to fail and cause Wormhole has collapsed messages when logging in with EVE SSO.

siggy 2.22 + old history

Posted - 2015-05-20 4:05
This is a large update introducing a major new feature.


  • New notification system! Add notifiers for when systems are mapped, signatures are added and POS residents are found! This system is still in its infancy and more is to come.
  • Redid auto completion on wormhole connection form. Auto completion is now integrated with exit finder. It is now much faster and nicer
  • Add "Delete nonexistent sigs" option to the mass adder box, you must use the button method.
  • Various cleanups of HTML/CSS/JS
The rest of these versions have been released over the course of the last few months but no announcement was ever made until now.


  • Fix dragging on chainmap not disabling/enabling correctly due to library update


  • Update map drawing library


  • Fix minor race condition in siggy calls


  • Refactor siggy update polling. Some of the last legacy code has been eliminated


  • Add scanned system activity to show an overview of all systems with sigs!
  • Add region names next to kspace names
  • Initial work at a siggy API


  • Prevent thera to thera wormholes from every mapping from import


  • Handle duplicate systems returned by eve-scout


  • Eliminate an exception handler

siggy 2.19/2.18

Posted - 2015-01-14 5:01
These updates are part of a large refactoring of siggy's client code. Large swaths of old structure has been purged and things have been modularized for the future!
  • Added Thera page to see latest exits from EVE-Scout data. Complete with button to import to your map and live number of jumps to system when in k-space
  • Added alpha/beta search functionality to recall your data. Right now it only does POSes. Later on it will do much much more
  • Gave the mapper more ability to place systems in tight maps, slightly hackish solution but helps
  • Enhance the pathfinding algorithm when searching for shortest routes. Exit finder should be ~8x faster
  • Fixed up German translations to match latest client

siggy 2.17 & 2.16

Posted - 2015-01-06 1:01
  • New header design. The previous one was dated and kept similar to siggy from it's first version. It needed a refresh and it was running out of room. Now the main menu will start gaining some awesome options over time
  • Fixed siggy not asking for trust on new users
  • Fixed SSO users being sent to a page complaining of API keys instead of no access
  • Fixed localization loading that would cause sigs not to be translated in the first system when opened
  • Update german localization of site names partially. Working on fetching the new site names AGAIN (THANKS FOR HAVING AWFUL INDECISIVE TRANSLATORS CCP!!!!)
siggy 2.16
  • Wormholes and sites system reworked. Previously these were somewhat hardcoded. (They haven't been touched for 4 years!) Now they are properly centralized in the database
  • Added tooltips to gas sites
  • Added some highsec gas sites
  • Added the new wormhole systems from Rhea
  • Add EOL timer to wormhole sigs
  • Added option to always display the class regardless of system name change
  • Editing the system will result in the name being select alled by default for faster editing
  • Begin large frontend code restructuring. Several sections of historical code has been nuked and simplified