siggy 2.15.9 & 2.15.8

Posted - 2014-12-12 5:12
  • Migrated some frontend logic to a new templated system to make development easier
  • Made the system name prefill when editing system on the map


Posted - 2014-12-10 6:12
Fixed the new Class 13 wormholes (the frigate shattered wormholes) causing siggy to not load them properly.

2.15.6, 2.15.5, 2.15.4, 2.15.3, 2.15.3

Posted - 2014-12-08 2:12
  • Hardcode location of loading message for now, it "floated" around on page loads
  • Add option to always show system class regardless if the system name was changed
  • Ducktape another session bug that would cause Wormhole has collasped messages
  • Fix a IGB related bug that made attempting to switch groups cause an server error
  • Nuke an invalid header used for EVE SSO
  • Fix user settings not loading properly
  • Fix the map saving failing when systems were in the extended height of the map
  • Add siggy user agent for API requests per CCP documentation
  • Fix invisible wall on attempt to edit map
  • Prevent map system being put outside the "fixed" map type bounds
  • Fix typo in the nullsec sites, "Temple" not "Template"
  • Remove not visible icon definitions
  • Fix people bookmarking the group password page for some reason and then getting errors as result
  • Fix bad header html tag in account overview
  • Add up/down caret to expand/collapse groups, standardize the use of the same caret
  • Remove not visible icon definitions
  • Add ability to expand map vertically
  • Fix mass add not setting creator on new sigs and creator on update
  • Fix map not being open by default
  • Ducktape a session generation bug
  • Add visible signature total to display above sig table
  • Add nullsec data/relic sites to c1 to c3

siggy 2.15.2 and 2.15.1

Posted - 2014-11-12 2:11
These two updates were released rather fast after each other for the sake of updating sooner.
  • Added the new data and relic sites for C1 to C3s. These were also added to nullsec system dropdowns.
  • Add signature count above table, moved show combat sites checkbox to right side of table
  • Fix chainmap not using "Default" chainmaps when character membership was used
  • Fixed javascript error popup

siggy 2.15

Posted - 2014-11-10 5:11
  • Backend user & session handling changes that eliminated ancient relics of siggy from 4 years ago
  • Active Sessions page in Management options now includes all sessions, previously there were cases where sessions weren't being updated properly to allow them display
  • EVE SSO added as login option
  • Added Character Blacklist ability to group management to block individual characters, useful for kicked characters
  • Made group passwords save in database for logged in accounts, this avoids cookie issues with the IGB. If the group password is changed for the group, the saved passwords are still invalidated and the prompt appears for entry of the new password