siggy 2.14

Posted - 2014-10-30 12:10
  • siggy out of game welcome page refreshed with content and the old black theme pages for accounts now brought inline with the new theme.
  • Authentication settings changed. Instead of auth mode, group password required is a separate option from API login required. Group password can now be enforced on API logins because they are insecure due to leaked API keys from other websites and users not managing their keys properly.

IGB Connection Reset Errors

Posted - 2014-10-25 4:10

server change - ipv6 support

Posted - 2014-10-24 7:10
In order to possibly alleviate some connection issues users are having. IPv6 has been properly enabled on the server. Your computer will most likely default to it if your ISP supports it.
Additional entropy sources were also added to alleviate SSL/HTTPS connection issues as the server was being sucked dry of entropy.

https enforcement

Posted - 2014-10-22 10:10
It has been noticed by end users that siggy is being tampered with by external applications or from their network resulting in errors that prevent it from functioning.
HTTPS is now enforced on siggy and all HTTP requests are redirected to HTTPS. The connection is encrypted to your browser which prevents tampering.
Several ISPs are suspect as some have started injecting tracking code into your browser this way.

siggy 2.13.3

Posted - 2014-10-22 9:10
  • Fixed large memory leaks causing hundreds of megabytes of usage. This would cause the EVE client to slowly go out of control
  • Fixed editing of POSes not recalling online status
  • Made large towers default for POS addition