siggy 2.13.2

Posted - 2014-10-01 5:10
  • Sig table is now sorted by sig id by default
  • Added support dropdown in header
  • Fixed clicking on wormholes in mass delete
  • Fixed lack of error messages when creating non-wormhole type connections
  • Added C248 to C6 dropdown

siggy 2.13.1

Posted - 2014-09-12 3:09
German localization of the signature/sites list has been done. You can now use German signature scan pastes.
Simply select Deutsch as your eve client language in your siggy settings!
Additionally, the database has been fixed up to support 4 byte unicode where required to avoid some text issues with non latin characters.

siggy 2.13

Posted - 2014-09-09 1:09
  • Wormholes now have right click options to make changing states(mass,eol,etc) easier!
  • Wormholes tooltips have been expanded. They can be set to show the wormhole type info if entered, total jumped mass recorded and wormhole creator in addition to the EOL info.
  • Wormholes now have the option to set a wormhole type,i.e. H296 which will tie it to the database info and pull info for the tooltips
  • Add WH has been renamed Add Connection, Delete WH has been renamed Delete Connection
  • Stargates and jump bridges can now be added to the map, they have their own options and styling to set them apart from wormholes
  • Hotkeys added! You can now jump between the map and signature table instantly. You can also auto focus the signature adder to remove all needs for clicks. And finally you can zoom the page in and out! Press the little keyboard icon on the right hand side to find out more!

siggy outage

Posted - 2014-09-06 4:09
siggy was down earlier today due to a power outage at the datacenter. Extended problems were experienced after the server came back up online due to database corruption. Everything should be back to normal now.

server reconfigured

Posted - 2014-09-05 5:09
The server has been reconfigured for additional capacity. Basic summary is it went from 60% load to 8% instantly. If any funny behavior is observed, please report it :D