siggy 2.12.3

Posted - 2014-09-05 2:09
  • Eliminated "default subgroup" settings from General group settings. These were moved to the individual chainmap settings pages
  • Fixed JS bug that would prevent page from loading in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed kspace wormholes not showing their specific types in the table
  • Removed references to subgroups from chainmap management pages

siggy 2.12.2

Posted - 2014-09-04 3:09
Hotfix d:
Fixed dscan and poses not always working.
  • Made the personalization settings "live". No more page refresh. Try changing the theme, it's cool :D
  • Added setting to combine scan and intel tabs due to demand
  • Anomalies/Combat sites in wormhole space can now be recorded via mass sig reader! They also have dropdown options
  • Add C6 -> Lowsec 48 Hour hole to dropdown
  • Shot the mimes and chain map no longer has invisible walls
  • Fixed some groups not loading because they didn't have any group notes set

siggy 2.12.1

Posted - 2014-09-02 3:09
  • Fixed mass deletion selections being buggy under certain conditions
  • Fixed placeholder on the "simple" mass sig reader not showing in the IGB
  • Fixed manual wormhole additions using custom system names not working
  • Made the "frigate sized" white wormholes have a tooltip stating so
  • Redid error/exception handler logic, no more red messages of death
  • Attempt to make selection of the default chain map if a group has multiple chain-maps more intelligent
  • Application environment unification

siggy 2.12

Posted - 2014-09-01 7:09
  • All date/time prints are now standardized to ISO8601
  • Frigate size wormhole checkbox added to wormhole options. It will be white if frigate sized, light blue if frigate sized AND EOL, and the original pink if just EOL.
  • Added U319 to lowsec wormhole dropdowns. CCP added this mass regenerating lowsec -> C6 hole to the spawn tables.
  • Deletion of signatures moved to a 7 day schedule. Pending review of further extensions.
  • Show Anomalies checkbox added above signature table. This will hide/show "Combat" sites. Since sig IDs are now persistent you can record info about the sites.
  • Added Ability to collapse signature addition box.
  • Added input box in signature additon header to allow faster pasting. Just paste and press Enter.
  • Chainmap backend rearranged to something that makes sense.
  • Renamed Sizable to Sizeable in the one gas site because apparently CCP renamed it at some point.
  • Fixed the location broadcasting button not working.
  • Fixed the no access and trust required pages being odd in implementaiton
  • Brought home page up to code with the newer layout. Work in progress.
  • No more subgroups! They are now chainmaps. Subgroups were an old concept from when the chainmap didn't exist. Then things got hackish when chainmaps and subgroups were combined. No worries, you can still have chainmaps with separate users. The concept was just refined.
  • Chainmaps can now be switched instantly and painlessly by selecting in the chainmap header which will have a orange arrow if additional ones are avaliable.
  • First pass of group authenication logic refactoring complete.

siggy 2.11

Posted - 2014-07-11 5:07
Major Change

Group management panel has been reskinned. Now mobile friendly and cleaner!

  • Fixed mass adding having unusual delay in results appearing
  • Fixed data site parsing from mass add, year old bug, sorry about that
  • Fixed chain map in internet explorer again