siggy 2.10.1

Posted - 2014-07-09 2:07
  • Improve quality of wormhole deletion log messages by including names and pairing in mass delete
  • Fix the mass sig reader to handle the cases where CCP's inability to disable the now defunct column order settings on scan results window screws up the paste
  • Changed ordering of POS list to be status first
  • Sorted POS list by location
  • Adjusted column sizes of POS info
  • Fixed manual wormhole additions being broken
  • Log when system options are edited and what the settings were
  • Nuke ancient scheduled task that reset the names of systems

siggy 2.10

Posted - 2014-07-08 3:07
Major Changes

Due to popular demand, the stats page has undergone a redo. It now allows you view all statistics gathered rather than only top 10. Includes a leaderboard that scores based on configurable points per statistic.

Misc Changes
  • Changed red theme background to fixed in place
  • Made chain map on green theme...a shade of green.
  • Added background to green theme
  • Lots of code reorganization in the backend prepping for a new features
  • POS signature add and update statistic implemented
  • Add logging of POS edits and updates
  • Added POS Intel Summary on scan tab

siggy 2.9.8

Posted - 2014-05-22 2:05
Made first home system specified used as default system loaded out of game instead of just Jita. Also some slight load time decrease of system data after some refactoring.

siggy 2.9.7

Posted - 2014-05-22 12:05
  • Fixed wormholes jumping to center of map when mapping new connections
  • Fixed link
  • Exit finder now captures the enter keypress correctly instead of the page refreshing

  • Miscellaneous backend changes

siggy 2.9.6

Posted - 2014-03-21 4:03
Fixed chain map not rendering properly in Internet Explorer