siggy 2.9.5

Posted - 2014-03-17 4:03
  • Fixed sigs being edited jumping to top of list in certain circumstances
  • Added icons to map indicating npc kills and kills in last 2 hours
  • Added eve-kill link next to the dotlan and link

performance issue

Posted - 2014-03-08 1:03
Yesterday March 7, 2014, siggy encountered a performance issue that caused it go down intermittently from 00:00 to 04:00 EVE Time. The problem has been resolved and the server should be able to operate at additional capacity.

siggy 2.9.3

Posted - 2014-03-02 8:03
Added exit finder! Type in the system and it'll give you the nearest kspace exit/system you have mapped.

siggy 2.9.2

Posted - 2014-02-23 9:02
  • Added C# labelings to all wormhole constellations
  • Added combat sites to list of site types
  • Changed wormhole jump tracking. Kspace to kspace wormhole jumps will now be mapped.
  • Systems will now be placed automatically next to the system the wormhole came from, this will still be editable but will avoid having the systems appear randomly over the map

  • Fixed DScan/POS remove buttons in IGB

siggy 2.9.1

Posted - 2014-02-10 12:02
  • Fixed mass wormhole deletion
  • Fixed masses of tech 3s in jump log, added missing ship info for newer ships