siggy 2.9

Posted - 2014-02-09 7:02
This update brings new features and the setup of SSL. siggy can now be accessed via for those who are paranoid about having their packets sniffed ;)
  • Separate section for recording towers in systems
  • New section to record dscan results for comparison later on
  • Fixed "fatal error" message appearing after long usages of siggy for no reason in particular then being annoying
  • Updated map rendering library

Payment processing restored

Posted - 2014-01-03 12:01
Payment processing has been restored. The previous server upgrades took it offline temporarily. Deposits made while it was offline should have been processed. If you still have issues, contact Jack Tronic ingame.

siggy - server software update

Posted - 2013-12-30 4:12
siggy's server software has been updated and tuned to improve stability. There should less occurrences of "Fatal error has occurred". It has successfully gone a day of load without crashing every 20 minutes like it used to.

Update: Database server reconfigured to handle increased load

siggy 2.8.2

Posted - 2013-10-03 6:10
Re-implemented the HTML/CSS/JS for the group switch menu.

Ninja fix Old behavior where chain map must be open to record system fixed. Chain map does not need to be open to record wormholes.

Self made themes coming soon(tm)

siggy 2.8.1 - UI refresh continued

Posted - 2013-10-01 4:10
  • More backend changes and cleanup of HTML/CSS
  • Flexible theme system implemented to style UI
  • Ability for users to select avaliable themes added as a new settings option