One of EVE's oldest WH scanning tool now 2 years old and counting! It has aided countless explorers of WH Space.

IGB and OOG Support. Works ingame and out of game!

Use the in-game browser(IGB) to take advantage of location tracking features and make scanning easier! siggy also works in all major modern browsers are supported out of game(OOG) minus the tracking.

Chainmaps. Navigate wormholes with ease!

Wormholes automatically get mapped as you jump systems with siggy open. The map allows editing of system and wormhole states and positions on the map

Signature Log.Track signatures in systems.

Record signatureas as you can. You are allowed to categorize signatures down to the site type and sort the table! Signatures are preserved for weeks allowing you to quickly skip old signatures in wormholes you have already visited.

Non-English EVE Client Support. Play in your language!

Non-english text is supported by default in siggy. Additionally, Deutsch language users are able to paste the EVE client's signatures into siggy and the Deutsch names of sites are handled properly.

Getting Access

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